Monday, March 23, 2009

Starting over

Diablo Cody calls Minneapolis the "White City" because she arrives there in the dead of winter when things are covered with snow, and she lives in a generically white apartment with her boyfriend. She takes this as a "clean slate" and determines that she can reinvent herself. In so doing she chooses life as a stripper, although she also has a regular office job. Her first stripping gig is at a Thursday night amateur night. I was interested in her comment that "Thursday came too quickly." My daughter has a theory that the reason time goes by faster as we get older is because we fear death, and that whenever something is looming that we don't want to happen time seems to speed up. This is a phenomenon that Harry Potter experiences in the fourth Harry Potter book when he can't seem to get ready for the second task. Anyway, I found it especially noteworthy since Cody could have simply not shown up to the amateur night, and only her boyfriend would have known.

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