Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Giving it up

Diablo Cody simply gets burnt out and stops her stripping job after about a year. Almost every story, fictional or non-fictional, that I have read or heard about sex industry workers ends this way - the protagonist simply walks away from it. I wonder if that is indicative of the business in general, or just the stories that get published. Cody makes a very telling observation just before she quits: "The rules of attraction are reversed at a strip club. Girls that could halt midday traffic at Nicollet Mall were rejected by fat guys wearing Zubaz...The rejected girls, regardless of how loved they were by husbands or paramours or infants at home would feel worthless..."

Cody can definately spin a yarn. The same sharp wit she used in the Oscar-award winning screenplay for Juno is evident in this work as well.

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