Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I'd like to stop having newspapers delivered to my house. We get our local paper, The (Brockton) Enterprise, everyday, and the Boston Globe Thursday through Sunday. The Enterprise has taken lately to sensationalizing and it really bothers me. It is the only way to get the local news though. My husband likes having the papers delivered though, and so we continue to get them regularly. I get most of my news from National Public Radio, but sometimes I take a break from that as well. If I am home alone, as I am on occasion, I don't turn on the radio in the morning, and I toss the newspapers directly in the recycling bin (well, perhaps after I've looked at the comics and Dear Abby, and maybe do the Jumble). I look at the New York Times online when I get to work.

Carlomagno gives up newspapers for a month of April in favor of reading poetry in the morning. April is National Poetry month. She clearly is a lover of reading, and waxes quite nostalgic about going to the library as a child, so she couldn't give up reading in the morning all together. Poetry was a good substitute for the news.

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