Thursday, May 7, 2009

Giving Thanks

As an agnostic Jacobs begins his biblical year very hesitantly when it comes to prayer, but within a few months he grows into it. He is especially adept at prayers of thanksgiving (as opposed to those of adoration, confession, and supplication) and says grace before his meals. He does not stop, however, with thanking God. He continues "I'd like to thank the farmer who grew the chickpeas for this hummus. And the workers who picked the chickpeas. And the truckers who drove them to the store. And the old Italian lady who sold the hummus to me at Zingone's deli and told me 'Lots of love.' Thank you." This passage actually brought a tear to my eye, and a smile to my face. It is reminscent of a poem (Food Meditation) by Barbarajene Williams that I read the first time I attended a Quaker meeting in South Texas. It remains my favorite poem. Jacobs and Williams both explain how food tastes better if you remember those who brought it to you. Thanking everyone who brought the food also slows down the meal, so it can be enjoyed better. My family sometimes remembers to do this, and sometimes not. My husband and I do always try to remember to "thank the farmers" when we have our morning cup of joe.

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