Monday, November 2, 2009

A feast of books

On Friday I received the first of my November books, Eat This Book: A Year of Gorging on the Competitive Eating Circuit by Ryan Nerz (which came to me by way of Canton (Massachusetts)Public Library). This was a little upsetting to my anal-retentive sensibilities because I had not yet read two books on health for October. I was really hoping that one of the other books I requested for October would have come in by the end of the week so I could read it over the weekend. Alas, my second October book - Life's That Way: A Memoir by Jim Beaver - did not arrive until Sunday, and I picked it up this morning. (I have the good folks at the Reading (Massachusetts) Library to thank for it). Meanwhile, my friend Nancy stopped by my office late Friday afternoon and dropped off her copies of Julie & Julia by Julie Powell and Julia Child's My Life in France (For those who didn't catch on, November's theme is eating). Additionally, over the weekend my editor from the Internet Review of Books dropped off two books at my house for me to review. So, my plan is this: I need to review one of the books (Watercooler by Elizabeth Sanchez) by November 8. This shouldn't be a problem as it is pretty short (112 pages) so I will start on that one right away. I will also start Life's That Way and try to get a posting up ASAP so as not to get too far behind on my November books. Julie & Julia is the read-aloud book I will read with James, so it will probably spill over into December. The Julia Child book is not a "year of" book, so it can wait. When I am finished with my October book I will start on Eat This Book. My other review is not due until early December.
Today, I also found out about another book I will put on my list for later: Mass Casualties by Michael Anthony. Anthony spent a year as a medic in Iraq. He is also a student at Bridgewater State College.

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