Saturday, November 14, 2009

Bobby Brady and the Kartoon King

Competitive Eating began with local contests. The IFOCE (The International Federation of Competitive Eating) did not get involved until much later. Nerz mentions some of the roots of the "sport" including pie-eating contests in which the contestants were not allowed use their hands. This brought to mind my favorite show when I was a kid - The Brady Bunch. During the Brady Bunch's second season there is just such a scene in an episode called "The Winner". It has the oh-so-original plotline in which a young sibling feels bad because he has no trophy. (How many television shows used that one in the 60s & 70s?) In this case Bobby enters an ice cream eating contest on the "Kartoon King" show hoping to win a golden spoon trophy. Spoons are taken away and the kids go at their ice cream like pigs in a trough. Although Bobby doesn't win this one, you can be sure that by the end of the episode he has his trophy.

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