Friday, August 7, 2009

A Year of Working - 50 Jobs in 50 States

This week Daniel Seddiqui is working in Brockton, Massachusetts, as a baseball scout for the Brockton Rox just north of where I live. Seddiqui is wrapping up his "year of" project which involves working in all 50 states for one week each. He had most of his year planned before he embarked on his journey. He was not looking to work just any old job he could find. He was looking for work that was "relevant to each state’s culture and economy" according to the Brockton Enterprise article about him published yesterday. He has a few more states to visit and then, of course, will write his book. I hope to be one of the first to read it!

Find out more about Seddiqui on NPR, or check out his blog Living the Map

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