Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Regular readers of my blog know that this blog is not only about books, but libraries as well. I occasionally write for the Internet Review of Books and this months issue has a great memoir, From Dewey to Digital by Eric Petersen about the importance of libraries.

Every month American Libraries and Library Journal report on more libraries losing funding, even as more people report using them. I was recently in our local, horribly underfunded, public library and heard a patron complaining about the fact that it was open so few hours. The point is well taken, but Bridgewater residents did this to themselves when they refused to raise taxes.

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  1. Amen! Some local media are already buying the line that our library nearly shut down because of the recession. The reality is that voters (and unscrupulous town officials) simply put greed ahead of the common good, nearly killing the library during an economic boom. The recession simply made the damage worse, as people need libraries now more than ever.