Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Ethical eating

The delegates at the General Assembly of Unitarian Universalist Association in 2008 chose "Ethical Eating" as its Study/Action issue for congreations. My church, First Parish Bridgewater held an informal Sunday service to discuss this topic last week. Ethical Eating constitutes a very long continuum that encompasses veganism, vegetarianism, to eating only free-range meat. Questions about how much to eat; buying local and/or organic and/or fairly traded produce as well a variety of other issues were all discussed on Sunday at the meeting of about 25 congregants. Each person will ultimately decide for him or herself what is ethical.

Majumdar's trip to China helped him to establish where he draws the line on ethical eating. Seahorses and rats are okay; lizards are not. Neither are dogs that have been beaten before being slaughtered. Apparently there is a belief that the adrenaline charge improves the flavor.

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