Thursday, August 20, 2009

One more book

I read one other book this month. My cousin called just before we left for our visit to let me know that she, and two other cousins would be participating in a book discussion that week, and I could join them if I wanted to read the book (We are all Welcome Here by Elizabeth Berg). This novel was based on the real life experience of one of Berg's fans who was born while her mother, who contracted polio while pregnant, was in an iron lung. The book is rather short, less than 200 pages, so I was able to read it during the car trip out to Wisconsin. I picked it up at the Barnes & Noble in Albany, NY. I was able to log on to the B&N website and select the store where I wanted to pick up the book while I was on the road. This is a nice, convenient feature which I truly appreciated. I also wish I could have done something just as easy and patronized an independent store, too. This wish was driven home when I arrived in Appleton to find that their huge independent bookstore, Conkey's, was going out of business after 113 years. Downtown Appleton is a great place with some great local restaurants, stores, museums, and the public library.

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