Thursday, January 22, 2009


Jacobs is not into sports, so it is notable that he sees fit to make entries under "sporting record" and "sports". He seems to think the former is too long at 66 pages. I would agree. It is hard to not be interested in sports sometimes. I don't have anything to contribute to discussions about who was traded. Sometimes I don't even know which sport people are talking about when a specific team name is mentioned. Jacobs has some of these same problems.

I do have a passing interest in some sporting events. I like to go to see the local minor league baseball team play once or twice in the summer. It just really doesn't matter to me who wins.

He does lament that he missed Reggie Jackson's third World Series home-run at Yankee stadium in 1977. He was there for the first two, but his family left early to avoid traffic. I would have done the same thing. In fact, my family did a similar thing when we went to see the Orioles play the Red Sox at Camden Yards a few years ago. My daughter, who was born in Massachusetts, wanted to see the Sox play. I had no interest in taking her into Boston to buy expensive tickets for crappy seats. I told her that the next time we went to Baltimore to visit her grandparents we'd go to a game. Until the 8th inning the Orioles were winning 1 to 0. Then the Sox started to rally and scored 5 runs. The crowd started getting obnoxious (I will point out here that we were sitting mostly with Red Sox fans). And I decided we should leave. When we got back to my parents house about 30 minutes later my step-father turned on the radio to find out that the Orioles had won 6 to 5, and we'd missed all the excitement. I am not even sorry.

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