Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Notes on E-G

The double e (-ee) suffix "one who is the beneficiary of a specific action or thing" is the beginning of Shea's E section. He lists quite a few words that are no longer in common usage, but that really could come in handy, such as "boree" (one who is bored) and laughee (one who is laughed at). Although, I doubt we can really think of either of these as "beneficiaries" of an action. I remember learning the word "biographee" (the one about whom a biography is written) in sixth grade. I try to use it whenever I can.

I mentioned in a previous entry that I use the OED online when I consult it. Shea actually has a pretty good explanation as to why he is not reading it online. Mostly it boils down to he is not so much anti-computer as he is pro-book. I know how he feels. About 10 years ago the library I work in bought a collection of e-books (books that can be accessed and read online). I remember thinking that I wanted nothing to do with them at the time. After all, I'm not taking my computer to bed, or into the bathtub! to read. I have since come around to seeing their value as sources for research, but I don't read them cover to cover. Books are good. So are computers. They each have their place.

My new favorite F-word is "fard" (to paint the face with cosmetics, so as to hide blemishes). I never wear make-up myself. Whenever I see anyone else do it I will think of it as "farding".

The G-section begins with an explanation of why Shea has moved from reading at home to reading in a library, and he regretfully explains that he sometimes has to shush people who didn't expect anyone to be reading! Noise in the library is the number one complaint we recieve at my workplace. I am not sure when people stopped expecting to have to be quiet in a library, but it seems to be pretty common.

I used to just think of myself as gullible. Apparently I was really a gobermouche -"one who believes anything, no matter how absurd". I no longer think of myself this way. I check all rumors out at snopes.com.

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