Thursday, July 16, 2009

"We're centrally located"

Slough, the infamous location of the TV show The Office, is the butt of British jokes about unhappy places. Weiner visits Slough and talks to a barber named Tony who has lived there all his life. Tony says Slough is "a fine place". When pressed about this he says Slough is "centrally located [that] you can get anywhere from [t]here." Weiner is unimpressed by this. "It's never a good thing" he says "when the best thing to recommend a place is that it is near other places." My husband and I had a good laugh about that one. When people ask us about Bridgewater we tell them it is very easy to get out of. It is equi-distant from Boston, Cape Cod, and Providence. All much better places to be.

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  1. Bridgewater does not *look* like the kind of place that it would be good to get out of. It has charming architecture, nice gardens, a lot of trees and water. Even most of the people are decent. The drivers are terrible, but that is true everywhere, I'm starting to realize. What makes getting out of Bridgewater desirable is the short-sighted, selfish, anti-intellectual, and anti-civic mindset of 51 percent of its voters. A town that cannot support its schools and libraries (see is unhappy, no matter how pretty it looks.

    Sadly, this has made us a bit jaded. Whenever we drive through New England town and notice its beauty, our next thought is always -- sure, but Bridgewater *looks* nice, too.