Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A boy named Sara

On his last night Weiner "meet[s] a woman named Sara. At least [he] think[s] she is a woman. The first thing she says... is 'People are always mistaking me for a man or a lesbian'". I am reminded of working as a substitute teacher in Tucson, Arizona. One day I was assigned to a middle school and took attendance with the seating chart left by the regular teacher. I remember that one seat had a student named Sara J. assigned to it. When I looked at the seat there was a person who appeared to be a boy sitting there. When I told the student that that was Sara's seat and he should find his regular place I was admonished by said student that she indeed was Sara J! I don't know if she realized I thought she was a boy or not, but I was quite chagrined. A few weeks later I was sent to a high school, where I actually met a boy named Sara! I did not question that he was sitting in the correct seat. I'd already been burned.

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