Monday, July 6, 2009

Coffee - you can never get too much!

When I wrote the first entry for the first book I read for this project, Reading the OED, (See January 3) I included a count of the number of times coffee was mentioned (24). I do wish I had been keeping track of coffee in A Year in the World. I think Mayes must mention it 24 times per chapter. According to Mayes "Coffee first arrived in Venice around 1570...A coffee bar opened in there must be a thousand". Mayes' husband is always on a quest for the perfect cup of espresso. My family and I will be driving to Wisconsin next month. No doubt we will stop at as many independent coffee shops as we can. This will undoubtably become part of my blog. Maybe we will even start a separate blog for it.

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  1. Great idea! My coffee-shop list has nothing in Wisconsin yet: