Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Year We Disappeared

The Second "true crime" book I selected for February is a much quicker and easier read than Homicide. The Year We disappeared is written by John and Cylin Busby, a father daughter team, about an attempt made on John's life while he was working as a police officer in Falmouth, Massachusetts on Cape Cod. I didn't realize when I picked this book that both the books I selected this month would have local ties for me. Cape Cod is less than an hour drive from where I live in Bridgewater. I have read about 2/3 of the book already and am sad to say that some things I believed, but hoped weren't really true, about small town politics, are given credence in the book. Police looking the other way when crimes are commited by certain connected people in town, investigations that aren't really investigations, small time mobsters terrorizing the town without any fear of reprecussions, and selectmen who just let it all slide. Not that I'm saying any of this happens in Bridgewater.

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