Tuesday, December 8, 2009

What else I read - The ubiquitous book

When I mentioned to my friend Korin that I was reading Three Cups of Tea for our faculty book discussion she asked how it was and said that she felt like she didn't even need to read it herself because it was so ubiquitous. I understood what she meant. I hardly go a week without hearing about it. Our church started collecting money for Pennies for Peace after the church book club discussed the book a few years ago, and I have heard author Greg Mortenson's story in countless news sources. The edition of the book I read indicates that it is required reading for senior U.S. military commanders and has been used in hundreds of schools and universities for campus-wide reading programs and selected as the community-wide read in over two hundred communities (the likes of which Bridgewater, Massachusetts will join in the spring.) Ubiquitous indeed. Nevertheless, I recommend that one reads the book for oneself. There is much more to the story than one can learn from disconnected news stories, or interviews.

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  1. Author Greg Mortenson was on NPR just as you were writing this, and the conversation included the U.S. military leaders who have read the book, and his interactions with them.