Saturday, December 19, 2009

Jumble sales-again

Something that I occasionally post about is how often I learn a new word in one book, and then see it in other books. Today's word is "jumble sale":, which I also discussed in my July 24 post. Llewellyn uses it in Sold Out! In my earlier post I guessed it was a British term, but both the authors (Mayes and Gilbert) who used it previously were from the U.S., although they were writing about traveling. Llewellyn is from the U.K. and in fact there are quite a few things in the book that I am not familiar with. He mentions quite a few television shows that I've never heard of. This books was published in the U.K. I suppose that other books I've read by British authors are edited for a U.S. audience when they are released here. I don't think this one has been released in the U.S. yet, which is why the ILL department had trouble finding a copy. Anyway, has anyone heard of a jumble sale?

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