Friday, September 4, 2009

New book - The Unlikely Disciple

Wow, it is only September 4 and I am already on my third "Back to School" book. The Unlikely Disciple, by Kevin Roose, is actually a "semester of" book. It does otherwise fit the genre: a memoir about a personal change covering a specific period of time. In this case Roose, a student at Brown University , transfers for one semester to Liberty University, Rev. Jerry Falwell's so-called "Bible Boot-Camp". He likens the experience to a semester abroad, as the Christian culture is so foreign to him, and convinces his dean of such. I was interested to learn that, Roose worked for A.J. Jacobs while Jacobs was writing his Year of Living Biblically. It is not surprising to know that both Roose and his mentor were given the same warning before embarking on their quests: basically, not to expect that they would not be changed by the experience. We know how it worked out for Jacobs.

The Unlikely Disciple comes to me by way of the Cambridge (Massachusetts) Public Library.

To find out more about Kevin Roose, visit his website at

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