Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Gangs in the NYT

So, a funny thing about Sike's book is that although it is clearly labeled as a "year of" book, I cannot tell what time of year anything happens, or even if the story is being told in a linear fashion, which all of the other books did. This book is divided into geographic sections (LA, San Antonio, Milwaukee). I am assuming that each of these places was visited, in turn, for some portion of the year, but so far I cannot tell for sure. I have just finished the first part, about Los Angeles, and yesterday came across this story in the New York Times about a gang bust there, in which 1,400 police officers rounded up 45 gang members. While I have no doubt that the police felt this was a necessary step to curb gang violence, it is also clear from Sikes book that people who live in South Central live daily with profiling and harassment, regardless of their gang affiliation.

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