Thursday, June 4, 2009

Reading aloud

My husband, James, and I used to read books out loud to each other a lot. Once our daughter was born, we read to her a lot, and tried to keep our own reading aloud time with each other by reading Dear Abby, and other short newspaper features. The Geography is Bliss is the first book the two of us have read together in a very long time. The pace of reading is slower this way, but we have had quite a few laughs together in the 30-some pages I've read to him so far. James chuckled when I read a passage in which Weiner described not knowing what to say to someone he was interviewing and used an old journalist trick and asked the interviewee how he got interested in his field of study (in this case happiness). James is somewhat of a local celebrity in Bridgewater as he is a "coffee scholar" and is often asked to speak at functions about coffee, and is sometimes contacted by the local media for an interview. He said they always start out by asking him how he got started.

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