Monday, June 22, 2009


The Rinpoche, a Bhutanese who went on a three-year meditation, tells Weiner to stop reporting and start experiencing. Weiner's description of the encounter is reminscent of many professor/student moments. Weiner writes it all down, every word the Rinpoche says, before he gets the irony of what he is doing. The fact that he "got it" is where the student/professor analogy breaks down.

When I was pregnant everyone told we I would surely want a videorecorder once the baby was born - think of all the things I'd want to tape. My response was that I could either be a part of my child's life, or I could videotape it to watch later. I was stunned at my daughter's school spring show, which was a take off of Blue Man Group - a truly experiential show. From where I sat I could see at least 3 parents taping the show - watching it only through a screen a few inches tall. I am not even sure how they would have been able to identify their own child. I have to agree with the Rinpoche on this one. Put the recording devices down, and do.

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