Thursday, October 15, 2009

What's your addiction?

Michael Stein quotes a nutrition column in an unnamed women's magazine as saying "everyone's looking for a fix." He further states "Almost anything can be the object of addiction, and most people are addicted to something." Hmm...well, what I am addicted to? I had to stop reading and think about it for a while. I thought about the soap operas I used to watch (As the World Turns, and General Hospital) in the early 80s. Easy enough to give up once the plots got too outrageous even for melodramas (a weather machine?! c'mon!). My high school and college experiments with drugs didn't go very far. Alcohol? Wine with dinner hardly counts as an addiction. I imagine any regular reader to my blog figured it out before I did - Coffee it is. I will count this as an official addiction because if I miss my morning cups (usually 2-3) I experience withdrawl symptoms. I get jittery, and I get headaches. I must say, though, that since I will only drink good coffee that I prefer these discomforts to having a crappy cup 'o joe. What's your addiction?

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