Wednesday, April 8, 2009


According to the book the average person in the United States acquires about fifty-two items of clothing per year. Can this really be the case? Does each sock count as one item? I begin to wonder how many new pieces I buy or otherwise obtain each year. I will have to start keeping track. I generally think of myself as conservative in my buying habits, especially when it comes to clothing. I have a pretty generic, sensible librarian's wardrobe that I only occasionally update.


  1. I wonder what the average ratio is for acquiring vs. passing along. I am frequently given clothes by my friends, yet every time I go through my clothes (packing, for instance, which I have to do a lot) I will give to friends or charity the clothing that I wear less and have no special memories attached. I know many people who just take in and then get overwhelmed. It makes me wonder what the average is.